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Digitize your inventory process

Selected calculation tools for your company GHG inventory

The consolidation phase may involve large amounts of data, therefore a GHG calculation tool is recommended to automatize this process. The tool should be capable of meeting a range of reporting requirements including:

  • collecting and recording data at a sufficiently granular level

  • tracking data sources and assumptions for verification purposes

  • providing different level of consolidation (e.g., at site or geography level)

  • facilitating the input and periodic updates of activity data and emissions factors

  • providing a high degree of standardization and auditability

Based on the complexity of the company and the data collection and validation processes, the GHG accounting tool can range from Excel format to software or be directly embedded in the company data management systems.

There are plenty of tools emerging to support companies in their GHG inventory process. The GHG Protocol and other stakeholders offer tools that can support your company GHG inventory at the beginning of its journey.

There are two main types of tools:

  • Calculators providing the structure and calculation sheet to generate the corporate GHG inventory once activity data has been collected. Generic emissions factors are often already incorporated

  • Simulators providing an estimate of the corporate GHG inventory using proxies and industry averages. These tools can be helpful as a start to identify emissions hotspots, particularly for SMEs

Some free tools are listed below and classified by type: