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How to optimize your organization for climate success

To prepare your company for climate action, you should optimize your organization by increasing awareness and engagement and beginning to establish governance and other enablers, such as data collection mechanisms.

1. Raise awareness and increase engagement

By identifying and engaging key stakeholders, you can ensure that key members of your organization are ready and capable of pursuing climate action.

2. Upskill the workforce

Acquiring the necessary skills and talent for your climate transformation will ensure that initiatives are ignited and carried out by those with the necessary expertise and capabilities.

3. Start to implement governance for sustainability

Establishing leadership for climate and sustainability efforts, along with board-level and executive support, key performance monitoring and reporting mechanisms, will help guide and ensure your company’s climate success.

4. Set up foundational carbon data and systems

To properly monitor your carbon emissions from various business units, you should prepare systems for measuring and analyzing company-wide carbon data.