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How to understand the current position of your organization

In this step, you will learn how to evaluate your company’s position within the industry on climate matters by conducting a sustainability materiality assessment, reviewing industry trends, and analyzing industry front-runners. This will help you identify areas to address and strengths to improve upon during your climate journey.

1. Conduct a sustainability materiality assessment

Conducting a sustainability materiality assessment can help your company identify areas in sustainability that are material to all your stakeholders. Doing so can help inform what’s critical for you to address and in what order of priority.

2. Review business and associated emissions trends in your industry

Using industry-wide tools and reporting can help you understand the state of sustainability progress within your industry and help identify structural trends and constraints.

3. Conduct peer review and identify climate front-runners

By conducting a peer review and identifying the best climate performers in your industry, you can outline best practices for taking climate action and may also explore analogous industry best performer practices.